Mission And Vision

Little Muheji school a registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports was founded in 2006 to provide nursery and primary education. The school is located along Busujju -Hoima Road, Nansana Town Council, Wakiso district, Uganda – East Africa, with the vision “A professionalized fully fledged childhood and vocational education center”.

The School with two Campuses the Nursery and Primary sits on a Nine- Acre piece of land, a football pitch and is housed in its permanent structures with sufficient land for expansion. In addition the school is stocked with play equipments inclusive of; toys, games, merry go rounds, sea saws swings, bicycles to relax with after work. Wednesdays and Fridays are sports days and pupils dress in sportswear.

One of the school objectives is to Contribute to the nurturing of vulnerable children for the attainment of their full potential. Under this arrangement the school offers free nursery and primary education to orphans and vulnerable children who upon completion are linked to the vocational to undertake skill enhancement courses that enable them to come with up relevant skills to embark on the income generating activities by setting up their own work stations.

Our vision
 A professionalized fully fledged childhood educational and Vocational Centre
Mission statement
To provide the superlative childhood education and vocational; services with professionalism


  • To provide the best tender childhood education
  • To provide the best enabling environment for learning
  • To instill a culture of God fearing at the earliest stage
  • To contribute to the nurturing of vulnerable children for the attainment of their full potential