Little Muheji Primary School

  •  We admit children from Post Nursery to Primary 7.
  • Our school is Registered,licenced and has a UNEB Centre Number.
  • We have excelled in many academic disciplines and our school has been ranked among the best perfoming schools in the District.
  • Our staff is committed to the National primary curriculum and the moral values of our children.
  • Our facilities promote and enhance the effective studying of every pupil.

Dear All, I salute and welcome you!

I would like to thank the Parents/Guardians of LMIS for entrusting us with the persons, “that complete marriage, they love most, are dear to their hearts, their first born, their only child, the treasured, my girl, my boy” – ‘the children’. We commit to maintain our promise and trust. Our senior citizens “the pupils” provide a sincere and accurate reflection of what we do, how we do it and what is our target!. The School vision and mission remain clear and the Board has continued to provide an extreme favorable environment for LMIS to be rated among the Top Learning institutions in academic excellence and innovation.

I pledge my commitment in molding our children to become responsible future citizens. The innovation of Teacher Education for Sub Saharan Africa (TESA) has taken root in equiping teachers with various skills in teaching and care for children.

I dedicate all the children, parents, teaching and Non-teaching staff, Head teacher and the Board of the school in the hands of God.


Head Teacher

Our Campus has all the facilitation for your child's academic requirements and the boosting of his/her future career experience.